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Lots of big news from Blueprint Tools! From conventions to big releases and new features, the whole team at Blueprint Reality Inc. has been busy making VR a better experience for gamers and developers alike!

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MixCast Developer Trailer

MixCast VR is in the wild and if you’re a developer of a Unity VR project, you need to check out our latest trailer demoing MixCast’s best features and highlighting just how easy it is to integrate into your existing VR project!

MixCast VR is the definitive solution for broadcasting from Virtual Reality to a 2D screen and enables you and your players to create professional quality mixed reality videos and live streams in minutes. No more long setup, no more quarter-HD resolution. MixCast VR brings mixed reality into the reach of everyone. For more information about MixCast VR, head over to our website.

Chroma Lab Announces MixCast VR Support

The particle-simulating VR game Chroma Lab will support mixed reality with MixCast VR! Find out more about Chroma Lab in this recent Road to VR article! For a colourful preview check out the below gif (link)!

MixCast VR 1.2 Released

Yesterday we released version 1.2 of MixCast VR SDK and MixCast VR Studio. This new version brings many new features to MixCast VR!

Features & Improvements

  • Objects have been added to the MixCast VR Studio world to allow you to experiment in mixed reality without leaving MixCast VR Studio
  • Added support for Oculus SDK based projects
  • Added the Static Subtraction isolation mode that allows basic background removal without a greenscreen. Quality will vary based on the complexity of your background
  • You can now separate the in-VR mirror from the camera positioning marker
  • The virtual camera can now be tracked with any tracked controller (not only a third controller)
  • You can now adjust the virtual camera’s position even when tracking is enabled

MixCast VR at GDC

Blueprint Reality CEO Tarrnie Williams and CTO Ben Sheftel were on-site at GDC demoing Awaken and MixCast VR! There’s no shortage of excitement in the air about VR and it was incredibly exciting to be in the midst of it. Blueprint Reality will be at more conferences soon, so if you missed us at GDC we’ll see you at Unity’s Vision conference in April!

Also, check out the GDC talk by Colin Northway and Kert Gartner, pioneers in mixed reality video, talking about the advantages of MixCast VR at GDC (starting at 28 minutes, but the whole talk is great)!

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