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Blueprint Reality Inc. is happy to announce the release of MixCast Studio, our first in a suite of tools for VR players and developers!

MixCast VR is a powerful VR broadcast and presentation tool which simplifies the process of creating m ixed reality videos. Most current approaches to mixed reality require a combination of applications with a complex, time-consuming setup. MixCast VR provides a quick and simple one-time setup, and works across every supported application with no additional configuration. To add support for MixCast VR, developers can easily drag and drop the MixCast VR SDK into their Unity projects so end-users can showcase their experience in real-time.

“Mixed Reality is the best way to communicate what’s happening inside the virtual world via traditional 2D broadcast media,” says Ben Sheftel, CTO of Blueprint Reality. “Our goal with MixCast VR is to provide an intuitive system for developers, designers, reviewers, presenters, educators, and other end-users to share and broadcast in a simple yet powerful way.”

Learn more about MixCast Studio at https://mixcast.me/

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    Ben Sullivan