You are a new beginning. You must awaken the universe, for it has too long been enshrouded in darkness. You must use your powers to guide the light. As you harness the energy, you will awaken the Guardians. Together you can push back the darkness and once again bathe the universe in light. And then life.

Awaken is a new VR puzzler from Blueprint Reality Inc. coming to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in Q1 2017!

Awaken tells an epic story, in which you play the pivotal role of Architect traversing five fantastical worlds. As an Architect of light, you travel the cosmos to revive the slumbering Guardians to defend the universe from the ever-encroaching darkness. Whenever you need a change of pace, prove you’re the smartest Architect by crafting your own puzzles and challenging your friends to complete them.

UploadVR recently wrote about their experience playing Awaken.

“Awaken looks like something ripped from the halls of an art gallery.”

“Completing levels is equal parts cerebral puzzle game and rhythmic music experience.”

“It’s a revelation to experience inside a headset.”

More details about Awaken can be found at its website, and follow Awaken on Twitter and Facebook for more updates!

    Ben Sullivan